Crepellian ex-miner turned high-threat-response field engineer


Str 20, Dex 15, Con 20, Body 20, Int 20, Ego 7, Pre 4, Com 4 PD 8, ED 4, Spd 4, Rec 10, End 40, Stun 41, HTH 4d6, Lift 400, OCV/DCV 5, Run 4”, Swim 6”

Skills (all at base unless otherwise noted) Analyze (structural integrity) 13-, Breakfall 12-, Combat Piloting 12-, Contortionist(+2) 14-, Deduction 13-, Demolitions 13-, Electronics 13-, Forensic Medicine 13-, Interrogation 10-, Inventor 13-, Knowledge (aquatic races) 13-, Lockpicking 12-, Mechanics 13-, Paramedics 13-, Science Skills (Physics, Chemistry) 13-, Security Systems 13-, Survival (Space, Marine) 13-, Systems Operation 13-, Tracking 13-, Transport Familiarity (Space vessels as group) Fringe Benefits (Federal enforcement powers, starship license, demolitions permit)

Powers: Water Breathing (cannot breathe air), Extra Limbs (4), Clinging, Stretching 1” (no END cost), Squeezing (desolidification, cannot pass through solid objects, does not protect from damage)

Disadvantages: Dependent NPC (a Siamese kitten named Xanqwar), Subject to Orders (Monitors), Vulnerability (desiccation, x2), Dependence (Water, 6 hours, 3d6), Code vs. Killing, Reputation: total as. . . jerk, yeah, jerk. . . , Watched (Monitors)

You’ll note I added a few powers and disadvantages that seem to make sense with the cephalapoid physiology. These are in addition to the racial package; it can be assumed that he trained this in his line of work


Zedmar Drox (last name first) grew up in what could be termed the “blue collar” set on Crepellia, assuming these octopus-like people were capable of wearing collars of any color. He was brighter than many of his contemporaries, and soon fell into a position of relative respect as a demolitions expert in one of Crepellia’s many undersea uranium mines.

After his prompt and expert assistance helped save the lives of twenty-six workers in a collapsing mine shaft, Drox was approached by the Monitors and offered a position with IRR as a “high-threat-response field engineer” He was smart enough to know what this meant: throwing his body in front of bombs, under collapsed structures, and in other nerve-wrackingly unstable positions. Business as usual, in other words. He vastly preferred his job in the mines (a point he makes clear frequently with his associates) but the Monitors were paying him substantially more and a change of scenery once in a while was a good thing.

On one of his early missions Drox inherited a siamese kitten from a human patient who died before help could arrive. Naming the “horrifying creature” Xanqwar after a legendary panther-like predator from Creppelian mythology (a “land monster” roughly equivalent to Earth’s Kraken) he keeps it in the hope that it will disgust people, much like a human keeping a tarantula or piranha (and is increasingly irritated when this does not work.) Nevertheless, though he will never admit it openly, Drox has grown quite fond and protective of his reluctant charge.

Drox, while rarely openly hostile, makes it clear to everyone, be it patients, teammates, or even superiors that their company is not welcome. Some might think his actions stem from xenophobic racism; not so, he behaves just the same way towards fellow Crepellians. One thing is as certain as his surly animosity, though: his willingness to put his own life at risk to help others. One is advised to point this out at one’s own risk.


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