Character Creation

All Characters are built with 75 character points, with 75 points of Disadvantages, as by the Heroes System 5th Edition rulebook.

Being a Prince(ss) is a 5 point Perk, that carries with it Diplomatic Immunity and the Weight of their Nation State.

Pyschological Limt: Will Not Kill does not count towards the maximum number of points of Psycological Disasvantages, although it does count for the point total of total disadvantages.

All IRR members go through careful screening to eliminate phobias that might be triggered by meeting an alien. No Phobia based limits based on creatures will be allowed. Common or uncommon environmental factors are fine.

Racial Packages may be found under the Races section.

Attack Powers typically are not allowed. Equipment will be provided by the IRR. If combat might occur, the ship quartermaster will issue the party Gravity Belts, Self-repairing Vacc Suits, and Repulsors. Otherwise, tools for their job are typically available.

Characters should be competent in their chosen Specialty. Typical Specialties in a Recovery and Rescue team are Xenophysiologist, Xenobotanist, Physical Engineer, Geologist, Law Enforcement, and Nuclear Engineers. Other types of specialists.

Character Creation

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